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Main Street Festival Rules & Regulations

The following rules and regulations will be strictly enforced!



All Vendor Packets contain setup instructions, booth assignments and a vehicle pass and will be mailed to you by the end of April.

If you need overnight accommodations, the Quality Inn is located a ½ block from Main Street. The Quality Inn offers a discounted rate for Main Street Festival Vendors. Please call 301-725-8800 for your reservations and give the Reservation Code MAIN.

Booth Set-Up time begins at 6:00 am.
You may access Main Street from either 4th Street or 7th Street (Rt. 216). Your booth number will determine which access you use. Specifics will be provided in your Vendor Packet which will be mailed to you at the end of April.


Vehicle access to Main Street is by Permit Only!
Your Vendor Packet will contain a Permit to bring your vehicle onto Main Street during the set up time to allow you to set up your booth.  All vehicles must be removed from Main Street no later than 8:00 am. Any vendor vehicle arriving after 8:00 am will NOT be allowed in the Festival area! Please arrive in plenty of time to set up your booth and remove your vehicle on time!

Vehicle Permits ARE NOT for parking. Vehicle Permits are meant for Festival Area Set-Up access ONLY between 6:00 am and 8:00 am.  The Vehicle Permit is not a Parking Permit for Main Street or any of the surrounding streets.


Neither the Main Street Festival Committee nor the Laurel Board of Trade charges any parking fees nor has any control over anyone who is charging parking fees. Neither the Main Street Festival nor the Laurel Board of Trade profits from anyone charging such fees.

If you have special requirements (handicapped,etc)
Please make sure they are listed in the COMMENTS section of the application. The Festival
Committee will do their best to accommodate you but cannot make any guarantees.


The festival does not provide electrical power, water, ice, chairs, tables or canopies/tents.
It is the responsibility of the vendor to bring and maintain whatever they need for the day.

If you plan to use a generator it must be super quiet!
If the generator is too noisy you will have to turn it off.

If you plan to use a radio, CD player, cassette tape player or any other form of musical or live entertainment in your booth you MUST keep the volume down. If the sound can be heard beyond a 3’ radius of your booth it is TOO LOUD!  We have stage areas for Entertainment!


The sidewalks behind each vendor’s booth MUST be kept clear for foot traffic.
The sidewalks are not to be used for storage! This is a fire safety law!  All boxes, supplies, cooking items, etc. need to be kept within your vendor space. The Laurel Fire Marshall will be at the Festival conducting inspections throughout the day.

Vendor Permits MUST be displayed in booth area at all times!


Application categories will be compared to the merchandise in the booth.
Any violators found during the Festival will be required to pay the proper fee for the vending area or be closed down. The Laurel Board of Trade and the Main Street Festival Committee will not be responsible for loss of revenue or fees.

Vendors are not allowed to walk the street selling their wares or services. You MUST stay in your own vending area or you will be closed down.


BANNED SALE ITEMS include (but are not limited to): knives and guns (real or toy), snap caps, sparklers, fireworks of any kind, plastic swords, drugs or drug related paraphernalia, silly string, stink bombs, batons, nun chucks, throwing stars, laser pointers, marshmallow shooters, skateboards, skates, etc. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE! If you have any questions about items you plan to sell, please contact the Festival Committee BEFORE the Festival. Vendor found selling banned items from their booth will be closed immediately and the banned merchandise will be confiscated. You will not be able to dismantle and pack your booth until the Festival is closed at 4:00 pm. The Main Street Festival Committee, the Laurel Board of Trade and the Laurel Police Department have the right to ban any items from being sold if they believe it does not fit with our “family oriented” Festival or if they believe it’s dangerous or promotes illegal activity.


PETS Are NOT allowed in the Festival area.
This includes both on the street and in the vending area. The only exception will be service dogs assisting the handicapped. The Police Department will strictly enforce this policy!

If space next to you is vacant, this does not mean you can spread out!
The Festival Committee has a reason to leave these spaces open. Any vendor found using any part of the empty space next to them will be required to pay an additional booth fee the day of the festival.


You are NOT ALLOWED to sell any portion of your space or any other space to another vendor.

If you know of someone that is doing so, please report this to the Main Street Festival
Committee immediately


Each and every vendor is responsible for collecting Maryland State Sales Tax (6%) on all sales.

A copy of the Maryland State Sales Tax Chart can be downloaded from the Comptroller’s Office website.

The State of Maryland Office of the Comptroller requests a list of all vendors participating in the festival and often sends Inspectors to events to insure compliance.

Parade begins promptly at 9:00 am. The Main Street Festival opens with a Parade.

Announcements will be made throughout the day from the Information Center located in front of PNC Bank at .

Any vendor wishing to have a special announcement made during the day is welcome to do so. Please bring a written copy of your announcement to the Information Center on the day of the Festival.

All booths are to be closed promptly at 4:00 pm!
Main Street will re-open for your vehicle at 4:00 pm to allow you to load out. All vendors and their vehicles must be off the street no later than 5:30 pm! The Public Works Department
will begin “sweeping” the street at 5:00 pm and Main Street will re-open to the public at 6:00



1. General Sales / Commercial: Are Tee Shirts, Clothes, Sunglasses, and manufactured products. Products that are NOT “HANDMADE” then shipped to the vendors for resale are considered General Sales. NOVELTIES ARE NOT ACCEPTED!

2. Arts & Crafts: MUST BE HANDMADE / ASSEMBELED BY THE VENDOR. First time vendors must provide samples or pictures of items to be sold.

3. Franchise Vendors: Examples: Mary Kay, Avon, Arbonne, Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Tastefully Simple, etc.

4. Non-Profit Groups: Civic, Religious/Church, Schools, Service Groups – If selling food, must pay first space of $250. The same as a Maryland Food Vendor. Must Provide a NON-Profit tax number: 

5. Handouts Only: Raffles, government flyers, commercial businesses - All must be pre-approved

6. Late Fee: Food Vendors Deadline April 15th - Late fee is $50; All other vendor Deadline April 30th - Late fee is $50; Late applications received without the late fee will NOT be accepted - - NO EXCEPTIONS. ALL APPLICATIONS RECEIVED AFTER APRIL 30TH, 2014 WILL BE RETURNED.

NO Novelties!
If this is your first time with the Main Street Festival you must provide pictures/images or samples of your merchandise.

Health Department permits for food/food product booths are the responsibility of the vendor. A list of all the food vendors is shared with the Prince Georges's County Health Dept. If you have any questions contact the Prince George's County Health Department directly. (PG Health Dept: 301-883-7690)

Vendors are responsible for collecting and reporting Maryland Sales Tax. Tax numbers are the responsibility of the vendor - a list of all vendors is shared with the State of Maryland. Maryland sales tax is 6%.
Neither the Main Street Festival Committee nor the Laurel Board of Trade is responsible for damage, loss or theft of items.

The Main Street Festival Committee/Laurel Board of Trade reserves the right to select vendors whom in our opinion embrace the area wide community festival spirit. We also reserve the right to lift a vendor’s permit for any actions contrary to the spirit of the festival at any time before or during the festival. In such a case neither the Main Street Festival Committee nor the Laurel Board of Trade will be responsible for any loss of revenue or fees. Decisions made by the Main Street Festival Committee/Laurel Board of Trade regarding participation are final
Returned checks will incur a $35 processing fee. Vendor must then pay via a money order or cash.

All vendors are responsible for cleaning up their vendor area before they leave the festival! You may leave trash bags along the curb for Public Works to pick up.


Please follow the instructions of the Laurel Police Department and the Festival Staff! They are here to help everyone have a fun, successful day!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: The Laurel Board of Trade
Monday – Friday
10 am – 2 pm

All Vendors Animal Groups Food Vendors Face Painters Non-Profit Groups

Click image to download/print PDF version of guidelines

laurel board of trade
383 Main Street
Laurel, MD 20707
(301) 483-0838
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